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Mother Nature is Art - Photography I find inspirational.

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This is not even close to done. I just need more time to organize this lovely feature.

Goodbye October

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 6, 2014, 10:30 PM

Instead of complaining about Christmas being pushed on us two months before Halloween I'm going to complain about how much bad "modern day" Christmas music is already being played at work. Yep, that's my complaint. Horrible versions of Christmas classics, which I would normally enjoy. Also I'm complaining about someone saying how much they "HATE Christmas music" over...and over...and over. As if we don't get  a little dislike for it being played and Christmas advertised early you get these folks that just want to push negativity your way. So, you have to keep perky! Playing Pokemon on my breaks and lunch seems to help a lot! 

In other news, I'm getting a break from working since I started. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off. I also get next Friday and Saturday off as well. Its nice, but would be nicer spent doing things with someone, a significant other if I had one for example. The loss of money isn't so nice, since I was used to that slightly bigger check, though. 

I've been busy working, taking care of the animals, then there was that week of painting/redoing my room. I still haven't gotten a loft bed, but that may still happen. 

Wednesday night I had a weird/exciting/scary experience. Feeding the baby Garter Snakes I opened Fay's tub (the last remaining female baby of Wadjet), grabbed the pinkie with the tongs and wiggled it a tad in front of the opening of her hide. She usually grabs it within a few seconds, so, when there was no bite I wiggled the mouse some more. With no response from her I lifted the hide. She wasn't there. I checked under the paper towel. She. Was. Not. There. 

At that point I kinda was just devastated. I had no idea how she could have gotten out with the tub's lid having been snapped shut. There was poop in there so I know she had been there. I still can't figure it out, really. Well, I was almost at the point to where I was like...okay, this is a horrible loss...what to do next... when I started to wonder where she could have gone, even while realizing she could have crawled under the house  or in the wall via the tiny holes in my room and out of my reach forever. I thought for a fleeting second, maybe she would smell the food and show herself or maybe she went under the snake rack, when then to my surprise I saw her little face stick out from under the snake rack! 

I immediately went to get her pinkie mouse and coaxed her out with it. I was so relieved. I think I just got really lucky there. 

In other critters news Theo is doing well! He seems to be spoiled on dubia roaches now and won't touch crickets I try to give him or the superworms I started him out on. That's fine though, I should have plenty for him until January. If not I shall search for someone near by that has some for sale. 

One of my newest arachnid babies moulted! I believe it was on November 2nd, the little dwarf species I bought. I really should try and come up with names for all my tarantulas...but sometimes the names just don't come to you... 

I didn't make my trip down US 31 like I wanted to in October. I was going to tomorrow with mom but that didn't work out. I would do it myself on my four day weekend, but it supposed to be rainy, so not the best travelling weather for photographs I planned on taking as well. Plus, I can't see to drive in the rain for the most part. 

I'm learning with a job again that I just really don't like people as a general whole...and its harder for me to find individuals I like. Still it would be nice to find someone that I can connect with around here...of course I know through past experience you can not do that at a job, and I can't really find a place that just has single women, or...whatever. 

Whatever is right. For now I have my zoo. 

  • Mood: Tired

Who here is interested in seeing some of the Black and White photos I was commissioned to do of buildings around town? 

12 deviants said I'm curious to see what you shot!
3 deviants said I like pickles :bucktooth:
No deviants said No thanks :)
No deviants said Black and white isn't really my thing :shrug:


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"The study of Nature is intercourse with the Highest Mind. You should never trifle with Nature."

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