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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 20, 2015, 11:36 PM

I should be asleep, but I'm not. 
I need to get back to regular journal-writing...

If you pay attention to my photo uploads you will have noticed my mention of a walk I took before Naturalist Class last Wednesday. I had no idea I was walking that far, but as I started the walk I did realize I actually had a fair distance to trudge. Towards the end of the walk I even tried to jog some...that failed quite quickly :XD:

During this walk I was hoping to see, despite the overcast day, a few snakes or turtles on the road. Sadly all I saw were five squashed baby snakes and two squashed baby turtles. Now, I know in this day and age that is part of the circle of life now, and I know this could have easily happened at dusk with the rains, and I also know most people would not notice baby animals on the road (especially snakes that are small and brown and kinda blend in); it, was just, disappointing to only find the deceased. 

I was able to identify three of the dead snakes as Northern Waters (Nerodia sipedon) and one turtle as a Western Painted (I'm pretty damned sure anyway.) Not sure the information is actually something anyone cares to know, but me, and I figure I'd throw that out there. I know these species are not endangered by any means as well, but when you take an interest in nature and how the "circle of life" is these days those kinds of things get your attention. 

Onto something not sad at all! And by the way, we had a double class of "Invasive Plants" and "Butterflies" last time. I liked it, but I didn't like the fact that some of the information was skipped through. I am most interested now in invasive plants and am hoping to do my own extensive study and get in contact with someone to help rid what we can. They end up killing off our native plants..and, well, there is so much detail on this subject. I need to get me a book on this.

Anyway, besides my youngest LP tarantula (Lasiodora parahybana - Salmon Pink Birdeater) moulting at the end of March I've had three April moults! I haven't posted photos yet because I'm waiting to get a photo of the recently moulted baby Chaco, Bottom, which, I think, is a possible female. I wouldn't mind that at all! She moulted today, by the way! 4/20
I've also had my P. irminia moult (Suntiger) and it is for sure a female! I'm throwing around names for her... she moulted on 4/12
After that was my B. smithi which is a suspected male...4/17
I'm awaiting my biggest LP to moult soon! 

I've got some even more exciting news as well! Sebastian shed! And Kali looks like she isn't far behind. This should hopefully get them in the mood to finally mate (I left them for a week at one point, but I'm sure they were just cuddling up in that paper towel roll.) I am hoping they'll both be horny when I put them in together again. 

Also, Vincent is in shed :D 

Random: I discovered it is best not to bring Leopard Geckos out in the sun. I know, and was aware of, that they are nocturnal, but I thought maybe he'd be curious out there... Nope, he was freaked out. He started to spurt away from me. There will probably be video of that, although I feel kinda bad about it. ..I was, and am still working on video clips of all my animals (in the sun for a better view) to put together as one or two videos to show all my critters. 

...I need to do that poll I said I was going to do...

So I'm hoping the weather stays clear this weekend. Saturday isn't looking too good for my registered boat ride, although I'm sure they'd call me if they canceled it. Friday looks like we have a mostly clear day for the rugged hike and night time hike. Crossing my fingers for the boat ride to be a sunny and nice day! 

I finally got my full ensemble together of hiking boots and long shorts for hiking, all items from the thrift store. The shorts were a whopping $1 and of course I've mentioned the boots being only $3. 

...I also managed to buy two new hats today...hats have exploded in my room O.O

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